Travel socially! To travel socially means taking a step beyond traditional travel booking and review sites, (I’m looking at you Priceline and Yelp), to use social channels to change the way you travel.  For example, Beyond Edinburgh is changing the way we approach our upcoming trip to Scotland. The Facebook page is an amalgamation of some of Scotland’s best, local photographers combined with user engagement the page provides a genuine value to our trip research.

This is what I mean by “Travel socially!” Use the best of social channels to explore areas you want to travel to, or areas already on your calendar. Here are three tips for using social media to see the world, YOUR WAY:

1. The best way to get to know an area is to see it! Check out the extensive reviews from Samantha Brown on her Facebook page, or follow the amazing pics on the AirBnB Instagram account!
Samantha Brown’s Facebook Page
AirBnB’s Instagram account

2. Not sure what to do when you get there? Every city has a network of bloggers that highlights the best that city has to offer in food and entertainment. Here are two of my ATL favorites!
ATL Bucketlist

3. Engage with the sites and with travelers on your own social channels. Use your location services to add regional filters to your Snaps and then see what others in that filter area are doing as well. Make sure you tweet while you are out and about The Musee du Louvre is notorious for talking back to it’s tweeters!
How to use Snapchat filters
Musee du Louvre

Whether you are looking to travel this weekend or in the next six months, connect with channels that can enhance your experience. See the area around you, or an area on the other side of the globe, through a new lens. And, allow yourself to make connections that have the chance to impact your world-view!

Travel Socially! 3 Tips to Use Social to See the World
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