Want to see examples of my work?

With over 16 years of experience in Social, Digital, and Content Marketing, my work is visible across countless organizations’ websites and social channels.

Here you will find two recent projects, with results, that highlight some of the work I am most proud of!

These projects are also highlighted on my LinkedIn profile, and the results are public. I am not sharing any processes or results that are not already publicly available.

Feel free to click through the links in this document to learn more! Please reach out if you have questions. I am happy to talk more about my work and experience.

My name is Karen Pace, and I am a Social Media, Content Marketing, and Digital Marketing expert. I
believe in the power of digital, social, and content marketing to impact an individual’s life, a
business, or a cause, achieve business goals, drive revenue, and create brand ambassadors.

I have been in social, content, and digital marketing for over 16 years. I have built complete brand
and marketing strategies for local and global organizations. I have had the opportunity to train
individuals from all around the world. I enjoy the ever-changing and ever-evolving platforms and
algorithms and work hard to stay up-to-date with the latest shifts and changes, industry news, and
trends. My extensive background and history in the medium provide me with a unique perspective on
digital and content marketing and allow me to more fully understand the optimal strategies for each
channel and the best way to reach the intended audiences. My passion for social media, combined
with my experience in organic and paid tactics, SEO, and content and digital marketing, would benefit
an organization looking to create lead-generation opportunities and long-lasting relationships with
its audiences.

I am looking for an organization that believes in the audience-first approach to brand development,
social media, content marketing, and digital marketing. A brand that believes in the power of the
audience, combined with data-driven content, will create long-lasting connections with the audience
and set them apart from its competition.
I would welcome the opportunity to chat about this position. Please feel free to reach out to me at
your earliest convenience.

Thank you,
Karen Pace

Karen Pace – Projects + Results
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