What are your criteria for “friending” someone on Facebook?
-Casual Acquaintance?
-Work People?
-Church People?

I vary.

-I try not to mix my work people with my personal account. I do not friend everyone I work with. I only friend them, if we are friends.
-I do not friend Clients while we are working together.
-I do not friend young people under 18.
-I have friended people I have just met, but only if I think we will actually be friends.
-I have declined or unfriended people who are not, or are no longer necessarily, my friends, even if I am friendly with them.
-I do not friend all family. Only the ones I am friends with.
-I decline or unfriend people who have hurt me, and are not my friends, whether they are close to me or not.

I am not a “hunter/gatherer” on Facebook. I do not add friends just to make my friend number go up. I know everyone I am friends with, in one way or another. I enjoy reading the updates of people I am friends with, and hope they feel the same way. If I don’t enjoy your statuses, then I may unfriend you. (And this is not talking about the recent onslaught of everyone’s political opinions. Those can be hidden.)

There are people in my life who have hurt me. I have found that remaining friends with them, reading their statuses is not necessarily hurtful, but can be distracting. So, for those in that category, I have unfriended and even blocked them.

But for the most part, if you look at my Facebook friends list, you can rest assured that I am friendly, and friends, with the people on my list.

How about your list? Who do you friend? Who do you not friend?

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