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“His mercies are new every morning.” Lamentations 3:23 {paraphrased}

This past year was the culmination of a difficult several years. Years ago, God had placed me in a position; a difficult but rewarding position. This past year, God removed me from that position.

In those years, there was:
-great education.
-great profit.
-great growth.
-great pain.
-great doubt.
-great cost.

So, here I am in 2013 free from that situation and moving on. Sometimes, the moving forward can be difficult. But, I get to celebrate new mercies and new opportunities each day.

Though to move forward, I am relying on the things I learned in the past, all the while trying not to give place to the pain and punishment that were the cost of the education.

I am doing something to help me get past the pain. Every time I get angry or annoyed by the memory of that situation, I make myself pray for the person invlolved. A real prayer. A prayer of blessing. (This clause helps me avoid dwelling, because I do not want to pray blessings on this person. However, that is my rule, and I try to stick to it.)

But also, some of the tools I am using to move forward I learned during this tough time. So, I am reminded more often than not of the time period. And in turn, have to pray more often.

Moving forward in this manner is equal parts helping, and hurting. Good thing His mercies are new every morning, and I get to try again tomorrow to see if I can learn to better balance enjoying my new life and new adventures, without getting caught in the trap of the old hurts and anger.

Trying to enjoy new, without getting caught in the trap of old.
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