On the great days, the answer to this question is super-easy. On the tough days, the answer to this question is what carries me back to the great days.

-Because I love the work
-Because I love to contribute to the team
-Because I know social media
-Because I bring a wealth of talent to the table
-Because I cannot stay idle
-Because I want to constantly be learning
-Because my daughter is going to Peru
-Because my husband is going to Spain to run with the bulls
-Because I have a need to be creative
-Because I am a sanguine
-Because I work in an exciting medium
-Because I refuse to back down
-Because I am funny
-Because I find personal fulfillment in things outside of work
-Because my father taught me to perservere
-Because my mother taught me how to fight
-Because I like myself
-Becasue I am strong
-Because I believe in me

Why do you do what you do?

Why do I do what I do?
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