Okay, you got me. There IS an “I” in social media. But there is no “I did it all by myself.”

In the past year, I have been in interviews and conducted interviews. I have a favorite question asked of me, and that I have asked people.

“Tell me about a situation where your client faced a specific challenge and you met and succeeded at that challenge.”

I can talk all day long, client after client, and give examples to answer this question. But, not one of those answers are ONLY about me. They represent a team including myself/others, the client, and the audience.

I know a social media manager who said, “I know I did a good job because the post I wrote received 5,000 likes.” A social media CEO who repeatedly touts HIS success in social media without acknowledging the team behind HIS success.

Above all else, a social media manager needs to recognize that they are on a team and they need to be a good team player. And like any team, all team members need to do their part for success.

-Social Strategist needs to determine plan goals, develop a winning strategy, and set ROI analytics and expectations
-Social Media Manager needs to write a short, engaging post with a specific CTA
-Creative needs to provide a compelling, eye-catching image
-Community Manager needs to post, monitor the post, and engage with the audience
-Analyst needs to gather data to provide insight into the success or failure of a post or campaign
-Audience needs to engage through Likes, Comments and Shares

Sometimes, the Strategist/Manager/Creative/Community Manager/Analyst are all one person. But even when this is the case, you cannot forget you are part of a team.

It is very easy for social media folks to get caught up in the delusion of success. The success of a post or a campaign is not about us personally.

Everyday I see clients of mine use copy I wrote to support strategies I planned. And yet, these successes are not about me. These are successes I contributed to, that I supported. I am very proud of the work I do, and the copy and strategies that have contributed to HUGE success for my clients.

But, I never lose sight of the fact that social media is a team effort. And there is no “I” in team.

There is no “I” in social media
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