So, you are in-between jobs. There are numerous articles about the most beneficial things you can do when you are in-between jobs. I believe it is VERY important to take the time while you are in-between positions and/or looking for a new position to focus on the things that you don’t normally get to do when you are working. The top things you can do while you are in flux are work-out, spend time with your family, travel, network, etc.

But, I am going to list my top three things NOT to do, that you may not have thought about and that you may want to avoid at all costs. (These are for both men & women!) Let me know if you agree!

1. Do NOT watch daytime television!
I love soap operas. When I am employed full-time I DVR or do online recaps. However, when you are home during the day and not working, my recommendation is not to watch your stories. And, not to watch other daytime television like talk shows, home improvement shows, 24-hour sports channels, etc. It has nothing to do with the shows. But, the more time you spend on the couch the more you will tend to feel deflated and become unproductive. “Vegging” out for a tiny bit is okay. Becoming a full-time couch potato is NOT!

2. Do NOT over-network and under-profile!

If you are in-between jobs because you need a new one, then you need to network. But, it does no one any good if you network and you haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile or resume. You need a good picture (See this blog post for more details.) and you need a great summary. Include industry terms and keywords relevant to your skill set so that you show up in Search. Make sure you have provided end dates to your previous jobs so that no one is mistaken about your availability! Update your resume!!! And, make it a good update! You can’t ask your friends to connect you if you aren’t ready to be connected!

3. Do NOT fall into a black hole!
As I mentioned before, now is the time you should be working-out, napping when you want, traveling. You can’t do all of these things all of the time, but you can do them a little. Even when you are doing some of these things that you might not normally get to do when you are working 8-5, you need to remember to stay connected. Keep up with industry trends. Take an online course. Do volunteer work in your particular skill area. Just stay in the industry somehow and do not fall into an information or education black hole so that when your time comes, you are ready to jump back in with current knowledge about tools and trends.

If you are in-between jobs, then I wish you luck on finding the thing that works for you! But, I hope that remembering these top three things NOT to do will help you use your time-between wisely! Let me know your thoughts. Am I missing anything?

Top 3 Things NOT To Do In-between
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